Designed By You, Made By Us 

 Made In Geelong | Shipped Australia Wide


A unique and personalised cake topper will make a statement about the occasion! If you want your name, Happy Birthday or something you saw on a cake that one time, we have the answer for you.  Just follow the custom topper instructions and, presto, we will send it to you when it’s ready.


Do you need personalised Acrylic Cake Toppers? But maybe you don’t have the time to back and forth with a designer to get your design right.  Perhaps you just want a straightforward cupcake topper but you want to play around with a few different layouts to find which one you like best.  Trying to recreate a custom cake topper  you saw on social media but can’t put it into words?  Put on your design hat and use our simple design interface and library of design elements to quickly produce custom layouts for personalised acrylic cake toppers!

In here, you build your very own custom cake topper.  Then select the material and shipping method, and we take care of the rest.


We can make personalised acrylic cake toppers and cupcake toppers to suit all occasions.  It’s your design, so let your inspiration run wild;

  • Wedding Cake Toppers – keep it simple or make it fancy by adding some symbols and pictures from our library
  • Birthday Cake Toppers traditional “happy Xth birthday name” or go wild and include something unique and personal
  • Baptism and Confirmation Cake Toppers – use the library of crosses and other symbols to create an elegant cake topper
  • Farewell Cakes – Keep it clean or make a sailor blush, it’s up to you – from “Fine, go then” to something a little cruder
  • Gender Reveal Cakes – keep your guests guessing right to the reveal with some cryptic messages

Or make a cake topper for any reason at all.  This site gives you the opportunity to make your own personalised acrylic cake toppers without relying on someone else for design. Please contact us if you need some help with turning your design into a reality.